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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The feeling of gratefulness

 Was listening to 98.8fm on the way back..

A girl called to ask for opinion on how should she deal with her mom..
Her mom strongly dislike her bf and always had a fight whenever she mention about her bf..
She is feeling very down as this has happen for the past 3 years..
She is almost 30yrs old and felt that it is almost time for marriage..
But yet feeling lost as she will never get her mom's blessing..
She and her bf broke up for 4 times just because they felt that maybe their relationship will never work because of her mom..
And reason behind her mom's hate toward his bf is just because her bf comes from a single parent family and weren't rich..

I felt for her.. I was kinda like in her situation 5 years ago..
But I got to say I'm blessed.. My mom was not as stubborn as hers..
My parent knew nothing can change the fact that I like my hubby..
They have tried to stop me but my perseverance keep me from stop trying..

Yes.. My hubby was not rich and not highly educated..
But I still decided to pick him because he is one of those goodman who has extinct from this world..
I have never seen a man so patient when dealing with a bossy gf.. 
And I see his determination in doing something.. So even he have no money now.. He is trying hard to keep up..

One day, when my mom ask when will both of u get married...
I was flying in the air... Cause I knew my mom finally sees the good side of my relationship..
Also, I felt that my perseverance pays off..

Thank you mom for having in trust in me.. I know for everything u do and said it is for my own good..
I will not blame anybody if me and my hubby doesn't work out in the future.. Because I'm the one who choose my own faith.. For the moment, of course I'm hoping that we will live happily ever after.. But I always remind myself, prepare for the worst..u might never know what will happen in the future.. Only God knows and I will be faithful with what You have plan ahead for me..

Approximately 1 more month to go before the actual day.. Can't wait ☺️

Friday, July 11, 2014

i'm lucky to have you...

I pretty stress up with my current job in uni... I know in some ways it is a good experience, but to no avail, I just hate all these tedious work.. it is just ridiculous..

Ok... enough of these dramas in uni...

I am blessed with a lovely hubby and in-laws...

there are approximately 3 more months to go before my wedding ceremony which then i will be officially Mrs. Ding. Of course, I'm legally married now as we have signed the paper on the very special date 1.3.14 which represent together forever.

learned from the movie, brides war, a girl would know her fiancee better during the time when she is preparing for the wedding.. indeed, I see more good qualities in him..

as usual, he always pamper me with things that I want.. rings... furniture... room layout... wedding photos... and many more...

what makes me more touched is that his parent always try to accommodate what we needs as well!
they are willing to provide me spaces for my grand piano though at first I thought i'm going to just move my upright to his house due to limited spaces.

I was skeptical with the idea of living with my in-laws but yet feeling more assured now. my hubby knew about it, he too being a understanding hubby as he promised me if ever I feel like moving out, he would take the move. I do hope to have our own place, but at the same time felt bad if his parent have to live alone. so my only hope is that we get to live harmoniously together and for that I wouldn't mind to sacrifice my dream...

So yea.. I'm glad that I will be married soon and in fact i felt that i pick the right year to do so... so that at least I could release my studies' stress through thinking on my happy wedding preparation...

CANT WAIT.... 3 more months to go!!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

the proposal...eve of christmas...

he really did proposed!!
feel blessed having a bunch of friends supporting his proposal...

not forgetting to mention is he is so unexpected that he got my bbf number and asked her to record a video for me!!!

first time crying out so loud in front of so many people... so embarrassing!!!!

but very magical...with floating photos and hello kitty balloon...also my beloved lilies to accompany the whole event...

and i was really happy that he got me a ring that is similar to tiffany's setting... how sweet!!!!!

love you forever dear... muaks!

Monday, December 02, 2013


the day is booked.. now there are 89 days..13 hours and 26 more minutes to go......

there are many commitments and worries when it comes to this event.. in fact.. before it even started.. i have been standing on rock for quite sometime... it even makes me think that is he really into me?

i guess i was too naive when it comes to this kind of life changing event.. i never thought of things that he is worried of.. but do trust me and yourself.. we CAN make it happen..

even through the process of buying the most important thing could tell.. I would be the most happiest girl in the world.. he would always stand by me..

we look through everywhere...every single shop...and every single corner.. i'm at the verge of giving up.. but u hold up my strength and leads me to the right one.. I'm happy with what I see and choose.. because that is what u think is nice too.. having both of us agree with one thing.. thats the most important idea of being together..

the process of choosing the ring will definitely be in my heart forever.. because it shows...
one ring rules all..

Thank you dear..I love you...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Should I give up or keep chasing pavement...

Everything I do now... I seems like walking in mist.... I can't see what is happening...

My studies... N also.......

I'm so lost,,,,,

Nobody able to pull me out of it...
Not even you... U left me hanging... Everything u said always tell me that u would not do it...

I'm tired..... Seems like I don't gain your trust... I can't heal your previous wound perhaps...

So should I stop trying?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

One of my life decision

I have come to a point that I have to make a decision that will change my life..

Is so hard to make the decision as it has been very long since I stepped out of it..

But making wrong step could also change my life...

Even though I knew it yet I still can decide..


Is like do or die situation now..
Everyone I knew tell me to go ahead is a good opportunity but still..................

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

cny 2013

first few days of cny still doing well...
but gonna collapse soon...

everyone having their love ones to celebrate cny but not me..
well...i'm trying hard to adapt to it..
but cant blame me to break down..
my bbf is not with me in msia..
others busy with their love ones..
even if i wanna work my student wont want to come..

i thought i could go thru today..
morning..afternoon.. still doing well..
night became unbearable..

i still hav 3 more days to go before i could at least teach..
what can i do..